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Biomass,as stated by the national legislation, is the "biodegradable part of products, waste and residues from agriculture (including vegetable and animal substances) and from forestry and related industries, fishing and aquaculture, mowing  and pruning form urban greenery, as well as the biodegradable part of industrial and urban waste". 

Advantages and applications

Il The main advantage of usign biomass lies in the fact that waste from other transformation and production processes is used as a primary material to generate new fuels. Precisely this is a verifiable saving that guarantees both gas and light users an efficient solution for use in applications for industrial use and in the home by means of thermo-fireplaces, stoves and pellet boilers.

The inspection will take into considerations::

making sure that your system is sized according to your real needs.

Concessions and incentives

The installation of biomass-fueled heating systmes is encouraged by the GSE or by the tax deduction (50% or 65%), so the payback times are very fast. .



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