Un mondo alternativo di energia

Cogeneration and Trigeneration


The term cogeneration refers to the combined production of electrical/mechanical energy and thermal energy (heat) obtained with a single system. This allows to obtain great benefits in terms of energy saving and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, to make the most of energy properties of a fuel such as methane gas. GPL and biogas. Compared to the separate production of the same quantities of electricicty and heat, combined production involves:

economic savings resulting from lower fuel consumption

• a reduction of the environmental impact due to both the reduction of emissions and the lower release of residual heat into the environment (less air pollution and less thermal polution)

• lower transmission and distribution losses for the national electricity system, resulting from the location of the plants near the user or the self-consumption of the energy produced

• the replacement of less efficient and more polluting methods of supplying heat such as boilers, both for civil and industrial uses, characterized by lower levels of efficiency, with a high environmental impact and little flexibility regarding the use of fuels

• a particularly high and interesting operating margin, calculated over the entire life of the investment

Trigeneration is also based on the principle of cogeneration, which adds cooling energy to the production of thermal and electrical energy.


A conventional electricity production plant has en efficiency of about 35%, while the remaining 65% is lost in the form of heat that is not normally used. With a cogeneration plant, on the other hand, the heat produced by combustion is not lost, but recovered for other uses. In this way, with cogeneration, an efficiency of over 90% is achieved.

Who we address

We offer solutions for crafts and small industries (agri-food industries, dairies, tanneries, chemical pharmaceutical industries, textile industries, wineries, distilleries, dry cleaners, etc).

Concessions and incentives

For systems powered by traditional fuels

For plants powered by renewable resources

For high-efficiency cogeneration plants C.A.R.



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