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Pellet: here is how to avoid getting burned with winter bills

By purchasing pellet stoves and boilers, you can take advantage of three different forms of incentive:


The pellet stove can be covered with steel, ceramic or soapstone and is suitable for heating and furnishing any type of environment. The boiler is easily installed in small technical compartments.

Both stoves and boilers are equipped with a tank in which to insert the pellets, the capacity of which varies according to the models.

Upon ignition, the fuel is dragged into the brazier through a duct and then burned; an electric resistance, which becomes more and more incandescent, starts the flame that slowly appears, growing and stabilizing on the set temperature.

The pellet, obtained from wood waste, is the result of a real recycling operation. Its production therefore does not make it necessary to cut down new trees. It is a source of clean energy, which does not alter our ecosystem and which does not cause waste, thanks to the possibility for the consumer to dose the fuel.


In short, pellet stoves and boilers are comfortable, eco-sustainable and affordable and beautiful!


A great remedy to avoid getting burned with winter bills !!!



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