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Energy Efficiency


By adopting energy saving practices, a company achieves the double result of reducing its enrgy consumption and contributing to the protection of the environment.

G & G Enterprise is at the forefront from this point of view and offers innovative solutions in multiple applications.


VMC Systems (Controlled Mechanical Ventilation)

The microclimate is the set of factors (e.g. temperature, humidity, composition, presence of pollutants, etc.) that regulate the climatic conditions of a closed environment such as a work environment, a public place or a residential home. Considering that most of the population spends 75-80% of their time inside closed buildings, it is easy to understand the importance of the quality of the microclimate for human well-being. Living and working in a healthy environment is essential: in a work environment where you feel good, live better, work better, and produce more.

However, changing the air can often have a cost in terms of energy. For example, in winter the outside air has a much lower temperature than the inside one and therefore once introduced into the environment it must be heated with an important consumption of ebergia.

VMC systems allow the exchange of air with heat recovery and significantly reduce, up to 90-95%, the energy consumption required for heating.


Polarity inversion systems against rising damp

Rising humidity is one of the most common phenomena and concerns both old buildings and more recent ones; it occurs in cases where the waterproofing system is damaged, ineffective or absent. Due to the phenomenon of capillarity, the water present in the ground rises from the foundations of the building, manifesting itself in the lower area of ​​the walls and up along the walls, ruining the wall structures and significantly worsening the quality of the air. Furthermore, a wet wall transmits heat much more than a dry wall, therefore, the presence of rising damp also determines a greater consumption of energy, in particular for winter air conditioning.

By installing a polarity inversion system, it is possible to literally 'push' the water downwards guaranteeing:

Low consumption lighting

LED (Light Emitting Diode) tube technology represents the evolution of solid state lighting. LED lighting is more energy efficient, has a longer lifespan and is more sustainable.

Compared with traditional lighting sources, the energy savings obtained using LED tube lighting is about 93% compared to incandescent lamps, 90% compared to halogen lamps, 70% compared to metal halide lamps, 66% compared to lamps. fluorescent. Furthermore, the average life of a LED tube is five times higher than traditional ones. The advantage is immense, especially where lighting is needed with continuity of service, reducing operating and management costs. Another advantage is that for the LED tube there is no problem of disposal as it does not contain harmful gases. If anything, a problem that will arise later as the LED tube has 50,000 hours of activity.

Concessions and incentives

Various incentive opportunities are available for both companies and individuals (for example non-repayable loans for companies and 50-65% tax deduction for individuals).


G&G Enterprise offers to the customers all the experience by choosing the most innovative and reliable products and solutions on the market.

Thanks to the two offices (in Rome and in the province of Lecce), we are able to support and take care of our customers throughout Italy,offering as free services: 

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