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Sustainable Mobility 


The permanent congestion of our urban areas, largely generated by the excessive use of private vehicles, today constitutes a concrete and serious threat to civil coexistence and to the quality of life and the environment. It also determines the release into the atmosphere of large quantities of pollutants and fine particles that are particularly harmful to human health.

The government has allocated incentives for the purchase of electric scooters and electric cars. Nowadays the use of electric cars and motorcycles leads to substantial savings not only in economic terms, but above all in the context of a discourse focused on safeguarding the environment. In fact, the use of electric vehicles is the most effective solution that can be adopted in order to reduce the emission of toxic substances in urban areas. The present and the future lead us to a new concept of mobility and living spaces.

Sustainable mobility also finds interesting applications among tour operators who want to stand out and offer a service that is highly appreciated by their guests and respectful of the environment.

We at G & G Enterprise are sensitive to this issue and offer various electric mobility solutions such as scooters, bicycles, cars as well as charging stations. Furthermore, thanks to our team, we convert traditional vehicles into electric vehicles.



G&G Enterprise offers to the customers all the experience by choosing the most innovative and reliable products and solutions on the market.

Thanks to the two offices (in Rome and in the province of Lecce), we are able to support and take care of our customers throughout Italy,offering as free services: 

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