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Investing in small wind power

Wind energy is, without a doubt, a safe and lasting source of income. Thanks to the reduction of installation and maintenance costs and, above all, to the greater efficiency of small wind plants, it is possible to recover the investment in a short time.


A further boost to the spread of small wind power is given by state incentives. The 2016 “Renewables Decree” provides for a monetary incentive for each kWh fed into the grid, for a duration of 20 years. At the end of this period, the energy produced can be sold to the GSE (Manager of Energy Services) through the dedicated withdrawal mechanism, or, upon stipulation of a specific agreement with the GSE, it will be possible to benefit from the on-site exchange mechanism.


In addition to state incentives, the small wind farm benefits from a very simplified authorization process, which allows it to be built even in areas subject to landscape restrictions.

By mini wind we mean plants with power between 10kW and 60kW.

For machines of lower power, which can be installed on the roofs of civil homes and businesses, there are no performing products on the market with adequate performance and capable of guaranteeing rapid recovery times.

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