Un mondo alternativo di energia

Traditional solar thermal, solar thermodynamic and solare concentration


Solare Thermal: domestic, industrial, agricultural and tertiary use

A solar thermal system is a system capable of transforming solar energy into thermal energy  that can be used both for the production of hot water ( for sanitary purposes or for use in production processes) and for space heating.

The solar thermal represents a valid suport to the traditional methods of productions of hot water and heating (electricity, gas, diesel, oil, etc), acting as a complementary system and allowing to reduce to almost nullify the consumption of traditional fossil fuels. 


 1 - Traditional Solar thermal (natural circulation and forced circulation)

In this case, the system consists of one or more solar panels (solar collectors) that tranform solar radiation into heat, anappropriately insulated storage tank to contain hot water. The circulation of the heat transfer fluid can be natural (in the case of small-sized systems) or forced in the case of larger systems which in  this case can also be used to heat the rooms. 



 2 - Solar Termodynamic

The system is a combination of a solar thermal panel ad heat pump. Thanks to the solar panel, hot water is produced using solar radiation. When the solar radiation is no longer suffient to cove the needs, the missing energy is supplemented by the heat pump. Thermodynamic solar is the cheapest way to produce hot water for small users!.

The thermodynamic solar system guarantees hot water all year round with very low electricity consumption...and if you combine it with a photovoltaic system!! Besides being very cost effective, it is also easy to install. It can also be easily installed in condominium apartments (also using a balcony with the simple installation of the panel on the wall) and in all those situations in which the limited space makes the installation of a traditional solar thermal system impossible, uneconomical or unsightly: give up the heat of the sun!!! 

 3 - Solar thermal concentration:very high efficiency for great convenience

Il sist The system consists of a series of solar mirrors that track the position of the sun and concentrate the solar radiation in a fire:

This system allows to:

The system is also very reliable and does not require any particular maintenace activities

Incentives and concessions

For solar thermal there are concessions and incentives that make use of this technology even more convenient: Conto Termico and the tax deduction (50% or 65%).


Assistance and maintenance

We provide our customers, both domestic and corporate users, with all our experience for assistance activities, such as:



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