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Our products for your energy: quality and reliability

Since 1999, the year our company was founded, we have always focused on quality products and technical solutions in order to guarantee our customers performance and reliability, while leaving the customer the possibility to choose the preferred solution.

Thanks to the two offices (in Rome and in the province of Lecce), we are able to support and follow our customers throughout Italy.

These are our main suppliers:


Photovoltaic: modules and inverter



LOGO Aleo                           Aleo Modules: Enjoy a solar-powered life


LOGO Viessmann    Modules  Viessmann: a german manufacturer for a lot of technology


LOGO SolarEdge    SolarEdge inverter and power optimizers: up to the 25% more of production!


LOGO Fronius                     Fronius inverter: to push the limits  


LOGO SMA                     Inverter SMA: energy that changes


LOGO ABB                   Inverter ABB: power and productivity for a better world


LOGO_Samsung                 Inverter SAMSUNG: inverter plus storage for an integrated solution


LOGO Solax Power                   Inverter SOLAX POWER: inverter with customizable storage for better optimization of self-consumption



Storage systems with lithium batteries


LOGO LG Chem                                  LG Chem batteries: a wide range of storage systems to meet all needs


LOGO Tesla           Powerwall Tesla: an accumulation that combines technology and design



Solar Thermal and Solar Thermodynamic


LOGO Isomorph                          Isomorph: the solar thermal concentration system with extraordinary efficiency for a very high incentive in the Thermal Account!


LOGO CMG solari                  CMG Solari: wide range of products for every need

LOGO Magic Box                  Magic Box: very high efficiency thermodynamic solar system (25 year guarantee)



G&G Enterprise offers to the customers all the experience by choosing the most innovative and reliable products and solutions on the market.

Thanks to the two offices (in Rome and in the province of Lecce), we are able to support and take care of our customers throughout Italy,offering as free services: 

  • Estimate and inspection
  • Feasibility and economic analysis

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