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Maintentenace, revamping and optimization of photovoltaic systems

Maximing performance of a photovoltaic plant: maintenance, tetrofit, revamping and optimization

With some important precautions it is possible to guarantee the perfect efficiency of a photovoltaic system over the years. A careful maintenance activity is therefore fundamental.

It is also possible, thanks to the development and technology of recent years, to replace system parts with more efficient and cutting-edge products, guaranteeing superior performance that allows the costs incurred to be recovered in a few years.

This is especially true for those systems that have been built using low quality components (modules and inverters). In fact, there are many systems that today, due to the low quality of the products and the installation, have lost significant percentages of production.

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Restore planned production: ordinary, extraordinary and administrative maintenance services

To always keep the performance of its photovoltaic system at the top, G & G Enterprise offers its customers maintenance services (ordinary and extraordinary) both as regards the technical aspects, i.e. diagnosis of correct functioning, restoration activities, etc. as regards the administrative requirements (Customs Agency, GSE, ENEL, etc.) necessary for the management of a photovoltaic system.


Does your system no longer perform as it was just installed? Revamping is the solution

Unfortunately, in Italy there have been many operators who have improvised themselves as designers and installers for which there are many systems built with poor products and with technical solutions that are not adequate to guarantee optimal performance.

To restore, but often also improve the performance initially envisaged, it is possible to carry out revamping activities, i.e. a process of regeneration and efficiency of the photovoltaic system with the aim of increasing its productivity and extending its useful life. The contained costs (much lower than a few years ago) and the technological evolution of the products (with a significant increase in production) allow the costs incurred for revamping activities to be recovered very quickly.

Discover the New GSE rules for the modification of photovoltaic plants in Conto Energia


And now there is also the option to install power optimizers

The SolarEdge power optimizers for photovoltaic systems allow you to improve energy production by managing to obtain the maximum possible power from each photovoltaic module, in this way each module becomes independent from the rest of the string without causing the decrease in power of the other panels in series to it.



G&G Enterprise offers to the customers all the experience by choosing the most innovative and reliable products and solutions on the market.

Thanks to the two offices (in Rome and in the province of Lecce), we are able to support and take care of our customers throughout Italy,offering as free services: 

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