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The storage systems for photovoltaic systems are ready !!

Storage photovoltaic...

By storage photovoltaics we mean a modern system with integrated batteries that allow you to maximize self-consumption and optimize savings. Thanks to the accumulation, you can store part of the energy produced during the day in special photovoltaic accumulators and then use it in the evening or during the day to manage peaks in energy demand.

Thanks also to the tax deduction of 50%, the use of storage systems ensures economic and management benefits.

The storage tank can also be installed on existing systems, even if the system has been built with other forms of incentives.

...Backup functioning

In the event of an interruption in the supply of electricity, an appropriately sized storage system with the necessary accessories guarantees the continuity of energy supply, also allowing the photovoltaic system to continue producing and therefore to exploit the full potential of the system. .

Battery technology

Thanks to the strong technological evolution of recent years, the storage systems (LG Chem, Samsung, Tesla Powerwall) have reached maturity and guarantee durability (ten-year guarantee) and reliability.


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