Un mondo alternativo di energia

New Conto Termico: even more convenient to install solar thermal plants and biomass boilers/stoves

The new Thermal Account 2.0 has been in force since 31 May 2016, which strengthens and simplifies the support mechanism already introduced by the decree of 28/12/2012.

It encourages, with a maximum coverage of 65% of the expenditure incurred, energy efficiency measures and the production of thermal energy from renewable sources. The beneficiaries are public administrations, businesses and individuals.

The financial endowment is 900 million euros per year, of which 200 for the PA. Gestore dei Servizi Energetici (GSE) is responsible for managing the incentive in Conto Termico 2.0



The main innovations are:

Access to incentive mechanisms can be requested directly by admitted subjects or through an ESCO.

Interventions that can be incentivized

For individuals and companies, the following are encouraged:

interventions to replace existing plants with generators powered by renewable sources and specifically with:

The installation of solar thermal systems for the production of domestic hot water, space heating and hot water for business processes. The systems can also be combined with solar cooling technology for the production of cold.

The interventions must be carried out using only newly built appliances and components with specific characteristics and must be correctly sized according to the real thermal energy needs.



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